PostMates or DoorDash : Which one is cheaper?

We created two exactly same orders on doordash and postmates


Subtotal : $28.60
Taxes and Fees: $5.87
Delivery: Free



Subtotal : $28.60
Taxes and Fees: $4.29
Delivery: Free


On the same order of $28.60, we noticed that the platform fee of door dash was higher and hence door dash was more expensive.

Assuming the taxes are same, the platform fee of door dash seems to be higher. If you ask the restaurants most of the food delivery apps charge them 30% per order,  thats a hefty cut but it helps them pay the drivers, but most drivers feel underpaid hence the forced tip.

Have you noticed there is no simple “No Tip” button on any of the food delivery apps.

In postmates you have to choose “Other Amount” then manually tip in 0.00 and hit send, isn’t that annoying? These companies are making millions of dollars but not paying enough to drivers and forcing a tip on the customers on top of the service fee plus delivery fee and what not.

Its still a mystery why amazon decided to drop out of the food delivery game.