start node.js website on windows startup

Sponsored : Find Node.Js Developer Jobs sms gateway nodejs npm install -g qckwinsvc After it install then in cmd/terminal type qckwinsvcprompt: Service name: [name for your service]prompt: Service description: [description for it]prompt: Node script path: [path of your node script]Service installed Uninstalling your service: > qckwinsvc –uninstallprompt: Service name: [name of your service]prompt: Node script path:…
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turn windows into dev machine instantly

Sublime Text 3 Git Node Sourcetree These 4 tools i believe good enough to get you started on your new venture I want to add Robomongo/MongoVue to the list but too lazy I cannot deal with windows 8 start screen so here is an alternativeWindows 7 like Start Buttonis that enough to start your million dollar…
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Ever seen chrome return that errorThe question is how many redirects doest chrome do before it throws that error

Node.js Force SSL in production

Have you tried enforcing https for your app in Node? Having researched(googled) innumerable solutions what failed for us initially were the checks for req.protocol req.connection.encrypted None of those were reliable. However, the check for header value x-forwarded-proto was also somehow reliable for us. Try pasting the following in your app.js or server.js and see if…
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Does enabling new relic affect page load times and website performance?

We aren’t sure but our node app definitely performed better without New Relic. Now we have not seen New Relic.’s source code but coming to think about it …New Relic. is writing to log every second and they are either posting data to their site or reading from the log. Every operation even though async…
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Anyone a big fan of npm tracer?

I was googling for hours how can i use bunyan with tracer but nobody (first 2 pages of google) has written anything about it. Here is an example of my bad code that does the job. Let me know if you want me to further dumb it down var bunyan = require(‘bunyan’);var Bunyan2Loggly = require(‘bunyan-loggly’).Bunyan2Loggly;/**…
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Node.js errors are not that helpful

What does this error mean? We can probably google it and find out who else had this error but seriously why do iwe need to spend hours googling this. Wouldn’t it be helpful if the error handler could tell us which line would’ve caused this error? Don’t you miss your fave programming language before node.js sometimes…
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