Indexing Experiment

This article was created as an experiment to see if google will ever index these links. With May 4th SEO update Google has killed the traffic for many sites that used to get organic traffic. Some of our clients have gone from 100,000 visitors/mo to 500 visitors/mo and it is no one’s fault except the fact the google lost billions in revenue in adwords because many businesses no longer advertising to get clients in the door. Our guess is that there was only 1 way for google to recover this revenue. Eliminate the organic traffic of most sites. Anybody who has built organic traffic knows it takes years to do so. From performing SEO audits to building SEO campaigns to reading Neil Patel’s tutorials to giving up to getting back on your feet and on N on. Google doesn’t care. 1 Algorithm update, 1 Algorithmic penalty and you are dead, no more organic traffic.

I recently read somewhere that many businesses who relied solely on google’s organic traffic have been shut down and it ow makes sense. So for a client we did some work to boost organic rankings and we are pasting the following links hoping google will index them. Let’s see how this experiment goes!