Honest Review traffic-masters.net

Honest Review traffic-masters.net

Traffic-Masters seemed like the most attractive choice for buying traffic.

  1. Their organic ranking is #2 on google when you look up “buy traffic for website”
  2. The site looks legit.
  3. The pricing is affordable.
  4. Order and the checkout experience is very professional
  5. The order form even asks the age range of the visitors you’d like

how it works

We created an order, and traffic started coming in. The traffic looked super legit.

  1. It was from different IPs
  2. It was from different cities
  3. Each visitor spent different time on the site
  4. Each visitor came from source “ads.tm-ads.net

So far so good

Then noticed something off

  1. Most visitors were using Windows and IE on a Desktop platform.
  2. Though each visitor seemed like they did something different, there was a pattern in everything.
  3. Our data science teams tracks mouse movements, session replays and what not. and the behavior of the visitor was very bot like.

So we looked up if we can write a bot that will visit our site and move the mouse around randomly and scroll the page… and guess what… it’s completely possible.

So is traffic-masters traffic real human traffic?

Having deeply analyzed the traffic from traffic-masters, our conclusion is that their traffic is not real human visitors but smart bots to make it look real. As their “how it works” claims that “We generate visitors by paying our publishers a fee for displaying your website to their visitors”. We did not find that to be the case.

The real question is:

Does Google care? or will rankings improve?

We’re not sure if google can see this as bot traffic and your rankings wont improve but if we can detect it, google cannot ?

Secondly if you have an Adsense account then bot traffic can get that suspended and no company is going to come and fight for you to get your Adsense account back even if they claim that their traffic is Adsense safe so be very careful.

Google Search Crawler is not only dumb, it also has A-Hole traits, two characteristics in any person with power. It shows spam in SERPs a thousand times but wont rank legit sites with good content. With the recent loss of revenue during Covid-19, google is sending less traffic to organic sites and promoting more ads

Proof of Google being an A-Hole and dumb at the same time

We went ahead and googled “Post a job for free in Chicago”

  1. 4 ads on page 1.. actually 7 if you scroll below
  2. 1 dumb featured snippet taking most space on the page.
  3. And a link to indeed job search page with a Job Title “posting jobs” in location “Chicago, IL” so google think we are looking for a job to post jobs for free in Chicago, IL but not a page where one can Post jobs for free in Chicago, IL

So if you don’t have a budget for Google Ads + SEO both, don’t build a whole app like tech founders do and hope traffic will come