PureText - Complete 360° Client Management

Mini CRM


Instantly Provisioned Local Numbers

Call Forwarding

Empower your apps to send and received texts

Contact ManagementAcquire | Manage | Engage

Don't lose sight of your existing relationships. Manage your contacts and log engagement with them at one place

Web SMSText your clients

Promote a flash sale or invite everyone to your event at once by selecting multiple contacts. PureText is built with your business in mind.

Simple Call CenterRoute your clients

Do you need to have a presence in multiple cities? With PureText you can get local numbers anywhere and forward your calls to one number.

Log All ActivityEmailed, Texted or Called?

Measurement is the key to optimizing any process, and marketing is no exception. Log your engagement with your clients to see what works.

NotesAre they not ready?

Take notes regarding your interaction with your client. There are times you'd need to get back to them and you'd wanna remember.

Check listEveryone needs one

Isn't everything a task? Either you assign one or you are assigned one. Associate tasks per contact to manage relationships and expectations better.

Transform your relationships with your customers

  • How do I convert an existing callback API to promises?

    function isIt(){ let someOp = true if(someOp) return ‘its true’ else return ‘no bueno’ } //becomes function isIt() { return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) { let someOp = true if(someOp) resolve(‘its true’) else reject(‘no bueno’) }); }

  • react-s3-uploader 403 error

    While looking at react-s3-uploader’s npm documentation it seemed really cool and the fastest way to get the job done so on the react side all we had to add was <ReactS3Uploader className={‘uploader’} signingUrl=”/s3/sign” signingUrlMethod=”GET” accept=”.doc,.docx,.pdf” s3path=”/uploads/” onProgress={this.onProgress} onError={this.onError} onFinish={this.onFinish} uploadRequestHeaders={{ ‘x-amz-acl’: ‘public-read’ }} ref={fileInput => (this.fileInput = fileInput)} contentDisposition=”auto” /> and on the node side…
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  • JSON array of US states

    Every form we build we are looking for a JSON or a JS array of US states that we can export from a constant file export const states = [ { text: ‘Alabama’, value: ‘AL’, }, { text: ‘Alaska’, value: ‘AK’, }, { text: ‘American Samoa’, value: ‘AS’, }, { text: ‘Arizona’, value: ‘AZ’, },…
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  • JSON array of countries

    Almost every form we build we are looking for a JS array of all countries. Here it is export const countries = [ { text: ‘United States’, value: ‘US’ }, { text: ‘Afghanistan’, value: ‘AF’ }, { text: ‘Åland Islands’, value: ‘AX’ }, { text: ‘Albania’, value: ‘AL’ }, { text: ‘Algeria’, value: ‘DZ’ },…
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  • How to setup ESLint to use AirBnB’s React rules with a React application

    Setting up ESLint can seem daunting but luckily we can help  We hope you know why you are doing it but if not in short ESLint and Prettier can help your team maintain code quality and same formatting throughout the project. If your company has more than 1 frontend developer you will realize different developers…
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  • Send a Text Message using Python in 15 seconds

    So you are a Python guru or maybe just getting started and you want to do something out of the ordinary by allowing your app to communicate with users real time. You could build an app that sends texts, maybe for an event promoter, they usually want to promote events on the weekend. Let’s say…
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