What is PureText?

Mini CRM that can text over instantly provisioned VOIP numbers from all over the world. Did we mention the free AI powered contact manager?

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Do you need to have a presence in multiple cities? With PureText you can get local numbers anywhere and forward your calls to one number.


With our API you can use 2 way SMS without expensive short codes with absolute ease. No dev? No Problem. Select multiple contacts and send them a quick text


Don’t lose sight of your existing relationships. When you create a new contact just enter and email and we’ll find the details for you.


Measurement is the key to optimizing any process, and marketing is no exception. Log your engagement with your clients to see what works.


Take notes regarding your interaction with your client. There are times you’d need to get back to them and you’d wanna remember.


Setup tasks and goals for yourself at one place.  Most clients will assign you different things to do. Track tasks per client with PureText

Transform your relationships with your

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About our Texting API


To send a text you need a number, unfortunately you cannot use your cellphone number with TOIP services. We provide local numbers to send texts from and receive texts at 


Most TOIP services only allow you to send but our numbers are capable of two way texting. When someone replies to a text sent using your PureText number we will post that text to a public URL/ API endpoint of your application


Apart from an API we provide a fully functional web based admin to send texts from and also receive texts, with simple pay as your go priciing you can use PureText as an extra line or a business line or any other purpose you can think of.. Tinder maybe?


When we post a received text to your API endpoint you can use the contents of the text to do anything e.g. evaluate a code in text and query your DB or send it to Watson for analysis and respond accordingly

Empower your apps to send and receive texts

With an API Token you can send and or receive texts from your own server.

Just make a GET/POST HTTP request.

We have tried our best to include some sample code in multiple programming languages.

If your fave language is missing here feel free to ping us. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I’ve never had downtime since the switch.
The platform is fast and seamless I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an SMS gateway

Mark E.

These guys are friendly and down to earth. I would definitely recommend not just their SMS gateway but their team is a pleasure to work with.

John E

For us, it’s all about service. My app went down on Sunday and they did not hesitate to jump in and help. You ask for something and it gets done.

Alexis F

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